Our Premium “Take it Outside” Packages

Want to try something new but don't have the gear for the adventure?

Let us help you get the most out of your visit to our area.



○ Berry Good

Choose from jam making, wine / grappa making, or pie making packages. All berry good packages include buckets for picking juicy and fresh seasonal wild berries (blackberries / huckleberries), maps for where to go picking, wine making / grappa supplies, pie or jam making supplies, pans, jars, use of canning kettle, and labels to identify your homemade product. Or if you’d rather, seasonal farm fresh or frozen fruits for your project can be provided for an additional fee.

○ Surf's Up

Choose from taking a canoe ride on Alder Lake, or one of the many lakes inside Mt. Rainier National Park, or kayaking / rafting down the Nisqually River ending up at Alder Lake, or Paddle Boarding down the river to Alder Dam.  All packages include the use of your choice of water craft, life vests, paddles, helmets, natural bug repellent, sunscreen, map of lake / river. SPOT satellite emergency tracking device rental available for additional fee.


○ Walk on the Wild Side

Choose from taking a hike out the backside of Paradise, creating once-in a lifetime photo opportunities of mountain flora and fauna, or taking a dip in one of the many wild mountain streams and lakes! Package includes organic vegan sack lunch for two, use of maps, natural bug repellent, sunscreen, compass, binoculars, hiking sticks, and day pack.  Be sure to remember your camera & hat for this one!


○ Wildflower Picnic

 ▸ Availability: July - August.

Organic vegan picnic lunch of your choice (inquire for options), picnic blanket and basket, natural bug repellent, sunscreen, and  directions to the most beautiful private picnic spots on the mountain!



○ Mountain of Love / Romance is in the Air

Trying to come up with a memorable getaway for your special someone? Are you planning to propose or rekindle with the love of your life? Look no further ~ and leave the preparation to us! Our package includes special chocolates, love inspiring music for your heart and soul, candlelight, private hot tub, comfy robes and slippers,  romantic indoor and outdoor fireplaces, flowers,  favorite bubbly with special toasting glasses, private massage by a licensed massage therapist at your cabin if you so desire, and even a sports car,  hot air balloon ride, or flight-see of the mountain if you have the budget to cover it. 


○ Winter Wonderland Snowplay Package

Choose from snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, tubing, or simply building a Goliath-sized Yeti or Sasquatch snow creature! We provide the use of the snow shoes, poles, cross-country skis, tubes for sledding, maps of where to go, sunscreen, compass, carrots, sticks, hat, and coal, and all the marshmallows, cider, and cocoa you can handle to keep you warm while you are having the time of your life in the snow at the beautiful mountain! SPOT satellite emergency tracking device rental available for additional fee.


○ Bike the Mountain Scene

Bike your way into the park, to the lake, or around the beautiful countryside on the thousands of trails in the Gifford Pinchot! Package includes use of two mountain bikes, travel bags, helmets, sunscreen, natural bug repellent,  gloves, and water bottles, maps of suggested road / trail trips, fruit and granola for lasting power!


○ Geocaching and Letterboxing

Come join your friends and family with the very old (Letter Boxing) and very new (GeoCaching) hide and seek games at the mountain! There are hundreds of places to play these exciting and mysterious games in Ashford, at the lake, in our forests, and in the park here at Mt. Rainier. GeoCaching requires use of a GPS to locate the cache, Letterboxing does not. GPS can be rented for an additional fee.  Sunscreen, natural bug repellent, stamp / stamp pad and pen for those of you who are new to this sport, plastic bags, day pack including kid-friendly healthy snacks provided!